Meet Babe the Greyhound

Babe's owners contacted us with help with their newly rescued greyhound. Babe was struggling during her daily walks due to dog reactivity.


During her assessment, it was found that Babe has lovely dog-dog social skills when allowed off the lead and given choices. However, when walking on the lead Babe was unsure of other dogs and would panic if they came too close. Being from a racing background she would have been unlikely to have seen many dogs of different breeds. This led to a big outburst of barking and lunging out of fear.

Treatment plan

We introduced some self-control tasks for Babe to help her with her impulse control. This worked in combination with redirection training and confidence with other dogs being around her. Babe loved her training with the cheese and her owners were amazingly committed to her new training plan.


Babe has made brilliant progress with her new training plan. She still needs to keep eye on other dogs around her, however, she is rarely reacting and is choosing to watch the other dog calmly. We are proud of Babe and her progress as she did have a medical problem during her plan, but she and her owners didn't let it stop them from progressing together as a team.

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