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I have a behavioural problem - HELP!

Are you concerned about your dog or cats beahaviour?

Are you feeling defeated or confused by their actions?

Are their actions limiting your lifestyle and/or their own?

Maybe you have already had help, but still feeling lost as to what to do next?

No matter your behavioural problem, we are here to help!

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Behaviour problems with your pet can not only be distressing for your pet but for yourselves and other household members. We understand the pressure for our pets to fit into our lifestyles and we look to find a solution for all those involved. We aim to introduce management of your problem behaviours and start your behaviour modification programme during your first consultation.

Here at Forrest Animal Behaviour, we are here to listen to your concerns about your pet, diagnose the emotional components of their behaviour and provide you with treatment plans. We look to adapt the emotions and expressions of the behaviour, which we want to change. You will get knowledge of why your pet is acting the way they are and practical skills to improve your pet’s behaviour. We will support you throughout your pet’s diagnosis, treatment and continual management of any behaviour problem.

Differences from genetics, life experiences and personalities are what makes your pet an individual.

Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all when assessing any pets behaviour. This means that without finding the root cause of the behaviour, simple training might not resolve your problem behaviour. At Forrest Animal Behaviour we aim to tailor all behaviour assessments, reports, treatment plans and behaviour modification programmes to you and your pet. We will work with you to help find the rewards which motivate your pet to make the necessary changes.

The methods we use are science-based and ethical to your pet. We do not use aversive methods that cause physical or perceived pain or fear. We use training that is focused on maintaining the human-animal bond via environmental management, positive reinforcement, changing associations and increasing communication. Importantly, we allow your pet to make their own decisions, while we guide and support them in succeeding.

Behaviour changes are not quick to resolve, they take time and patience. Often these behaviours have emotions, motivations and reinforcers attached to the presentation of the behaviour. It is like changing a habit which you do most days. For example, if I told you not to drink tea or coffee and only drink water instead, it takes motivation, emotional support and importantly other rewards to commit to this behaviour change. When we ask the same for our pets, to change these behaviours, it takes motivation, emotional support and importantly other rewards from you!. But don’t worry, we will help support you throughout the process and work at a pace your companion can cope and adapt to these changes.


At Forrest Animal Behaviour we adhere to conduct with the utmost professionalism and confidentially and aim to follow the professional code of conduct detailed by The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB).  

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Why veterinary behavioural referral?

For a complete behavioural assessment, the medical elements of your pet have to be assessed alongside the behavioural history.

Your veterinary practice must be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of any problem behaviour. Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of behavioural problems have at least one medical component which has contributed to the display of the behaviour.

If medical conditions are undiagnosed and not treated or managed, it can lead to behaviour problems never being resolved or cause relapses during your treatment. This can not only be frustrating for you but also be unethical if your pet had medical needs not being supported.

Here at Forrest Animal Behaviour, we focus on your pet’s emotional needs and your veterinary surgeon takes care of your pet’s medical needs. We are not qualified to provide veterinary treatment, thus we do not prescribe medication or diagnose medical conditions. However, we will work closely with your veterinary practice to discuss concerns that might have been highlighted in your behavioural history or clinical history. Your vets can then assist in decisions on necessary medications or medical examinations. This means you get a full and comprehensive treatment for your pet ensuring no elements to the behaviour problem are overlooked. Thus providing a more successful outcome to your problem behaviour. 


Initial consultation

Once your vet has referred you to Forrest Animal Behaviour, you will have an initial consultation.

This usually takes place in your home, where you and your pet are most comfortable. We can meet all family members involved in your pet and the lifestyle your pet has access to. This enables us to provide a tailored behaviour modification plan based around you, your pet and the available lifestyle/expectations. If you would prefer not to have a house visit, online consultations can be arranged.

Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to complete an extensive behaviour history form. It is important that you complete this in as much detail as possible. This will become the starting point of our initial consultation discussion, allowing me to understand all aspects of your pets’ everyday life including the behavioural problem. While awaiting the completion of your history form, we will be assessing your medical history provided by your vet and preparing for your consultation.

This consultation will last between 1.5-2 hours. A proportion of this time will be spent discussing the problem behaviour and importantly allowing your pet to settle in our company. This allows us to make a tentative diagnosis of your pet’s behaviour and decide the required approach to resolve the concerns. If appropriate we will also introduce the start of behaviour management or their behaviour modification plan.

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Following the consultation, you will receive an electronic copy of your behavioural report, detailing our assessment of your pet, how to manage the behaviour concern and the starting plans for the resolution of the behaviour problem. Depending on the case this might also include medical concerns we have identified and emergency plans if external problems arise. A full copy will also be sent to your referring veterinary surgeon to keep them updated with your pet. You will also receive 3 months of phone and email support following the consultation. For dog assessments this also includes one follow-on session to be used within 3 months. For both dogs and cats you can book additional follow on sessions to practically work through the behaviour modification plan.

Dogs - £400
Cats - £200

Please note there is an additional £50 surcharge for evenings and weekend sessions.

Follow on sessions

Follow on sessions can be booked following your initial consultation.

For canine initial assessments, you will have one follow-on session to be used with 3 months as part of your initial assessment.

Follow-on sessions help to work through the behavioural modification plan, providing you with the opportunity to learn the practical skills and adapt the problem behaviour. These sessions are 1 hour long and focus on teaching you the skills to use with your pet. They can be undertaken in the comfort of your home or locations outside the home, depending on the behavioural problem in question.

Dogs - £60/hr
Cats - £60/hr

Please note there is an additional £25 surcharge for evenings and weekend sessions.

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