Pet Journeys

  • Inka


    Meet Inka the German Shepherd Inka's owners contacted us for help with her reactivity. Inka had seen different trainers and…

  • Levi


    Meet Levi the Akita Cross Levi's owners contacted us to help him with his reactivity. Levi was mainly struggling with…

  • Pippin


    Meet Pippin the Crossbreed Feline Pippin's owners contact us with concerns about Pippin's toileting habits and general anxiety within the…

  • Elsie


    Meet Elsie the Spinone Italiano Elsie's owners contacted us as she had started to become reactive on her walks. This…

  • Harmony


    Meet Harmony the Cockerpoo Harmony's owner contacted us as they had seen a change in her car travel. Harmony used…

  • Roux


    Meet Roux the Staffordshire Terrier Roux's owners contacted us after recently rehoming her into their family. Roux was a very…

  • Pippa


    Meet Pippa the Labradoddle Pippa's owners contacted us as Pippa has just been diagnosed with an orthopaedic condition requiring surgery.…

  • Maggie


    Meet Maggie the Cocker Spaniel Maggie's owners contacted us to help Maggie with her excessive barking and reactions. These would…

  • Binky


    Meet Binky the Cocker Spaniel Binky's owner contacted us with help with their newly rescued cocker spaniel. Binky was struggling…

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