Stance Analyser

What is it?

A Stance Analyser uses 4 precision scales to objectively evaluate the weight distribution of dogs. Combined with the specialist software it provides clear, accurate assessment and digital reports that can be used by your veterinary surgeon and/or physiotherapist. These small weight discrepancies are the first sign of lameness which can be an indication of underlying medical problems, pain, injury or abnormal anatomy which would be otherwise undetectable to the human eye.

Why use it?

It has been found that 20% of lameness in dogs is undetectable to the human eye and when lameness is seen, it can be difficult to visually decide which limbs are an issue. Unlike conventional gait analysis, the stance analyser will detect even the slightest differences in weight distribution. This means orthopaedic problems can be identified much sooner without any subjectivity. This is beneficial for your dog as earlier detection on the correct limb can help to prevent the worsening of a condition, and also potentially increase the options available for treatment or management.

Used alongside a behavioural assessment, this stance analyser reports can be vital to behavioural diagnosis. It has been shown that 80% of behavioural problems have an element of medical problems contributing to the behavioural expression. Having this information to identify, or even rule out possible orthopaedic concerns means the focus can be applied to other key areas. Ultimately this additional information helps the outcome for you and your dog.

A stance analyser also provides a scientific way to track progress and the results of treatment. Every measurement is recorded against your dog’s unique ID so changes over time can be plotted. This helps give peace of mind that the interventions are effective and can help with decisions for ongoing treatment plans.

How do you get a reading?

The stance analyser is shaped like a mat, which is placed on a hard and level floor surface. The equipment has four quadrants to position each of your dog’s feet. You can walk your dog onto the analyser yourself or have assistance from us. Once feet are in the correct quadrants, multiple readings are taken within seconds at a click of a button. The whole measurement usually takes less than a few seconds once positioned.

For more fidgety patients, your dog can be walked on and off the analyser as many times as we need and readings can be taken. This can be repeated until we get enough suitable readings from your dog. Therefore, it requires minimal handling and requires little to no specialist movements. For more nervous patients we don’t even need to touch or hold your dog, you can just walk them on and off multiple times. The system will automatically filter any bad readings within the final report.

What report do you get from it?

After your dog has been on the stance analyser a report is instantly generated. We will be able to show you the report on the laptop screen during the session. Within the report, the average weight distribution for each limb is worked out from the multiple readings taken. The system also calculates the centre of gravity in a visual picture showing how our patient is transferring weight. Once generated, the report can be shared electronically via email directly to you as well as directly to your veterinary surgeon/physiotherapist.

All readings are stored against your dog’s unique ID. If you choose to have multiple sessions over a period of time, these readings can be plotted on a graph to show the changes between the sessions and their weight distribution adapts. This is ideal to monitor treatments or pain medication, and their effectiveness.   

Which patients can benefit from it?

Any dog over 2.5kgs can get suitable readings. All dogs can benefit from having a reading taken, even if they appear to be fit and well. Eliminating issues can be equally useful as identifying them.

It can be extremely useful for any dog showing one or more of the following:

  • Dog-Dog Reactivity
  • People Reactivity
  • Sound Sensitivities
  • Aggression Cases
  • Hyperactivity/Hyperarousal Cases
  • Difficulty with handling (Owners, Vets or Groomers)
  • Resource Guarding

In addition, it can be beneficial to any dogs that are or have:

  • Sporting (Agility, Hoopers, Flyball or Gundogs)
  • Over the age of 7 years
  • Previous lameness issues
  • Known arthritis
  • Known congenital deformity 
  • Previous orthopaedic surgery

What happens if a problem is found?

If we find a problem with your dog’s weight distribution we can discuss this during the session and show you the readings and which leg is likely to be affected. We will not diagnose your dog’s condition but just observe the weight change for your vet to investigate later on. You will be given a copy of this report via email. With your consent, we can also forward this report directly to your veterinary surgeon. By using our service, we can provide a fully qualified RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) to discuss the report directly with your vet.

These reports mean that your vet will have accurate information about which limb is likely affected. Helping ensure your consultations are focused on the affected limb region, enabling a more accurate diagnosis of a medical condition.

How much does it cost?

Costing is done on a tier system:

  • 1:1 Stance Analyzer reading in your own home (Travel cost included within our standard regions) - £50
    •  Additional pet (same household) - £30
  • Stance Analyzer reading during a behavioural assessment - £40

Special pricing is available for events/multiple patients (i.e. groups, sporting events, vet events), please contact us for details.

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