Meet Buddy the Cockapoo

Buddy first started with Forrest Animal Behaviour as a puppy and we did some basic training while introducing life skills to help him settle into the world. Buddy was a playful puppy who loves nothing more than parading his toys around the house. During adolescence, Buddy became big enough to start collecting objects which were not his, and this lead to resource guarding behaviours, when he had these objects. Buddy’s owners noticed this early on and asked for help before the behaviour progressed.

Behavioural Plan

During his behavioural plan, we worked with Buddy’s family on how to manage him, when he had objects. This included how to set up the house so only his objects were in reach. An important area of his behaviour plan, was for us to acknowledge when Buddy was upset and to respect his requests for space, while not rewarding or escalating the behaviour. This also meant we could then work on Buddy not feeling the need to express the behaviour, once he felt more secure.

When he was ready, we introduced people approaching him being a positive thing and actually providing more resources. These adaptions in management and behaviour modifications meant Buddy couldn’t and didn’t feel the need to practice the guarding behaviours while being praised for having his designated objects.


Over time and management from Buddy’s owners, Buddy now hardly ever grumble or feels the need to guard items. He will also happily share his toys and chews with family members and even his new dog cousin who has been introduced into the family. Buddy now has a brilliant swap behaviour if he has any undesired objects or will leave objects alone on the floor when requested. He is growing up to be a real gentleman in the house and enjoying every day at home with his designated toys!


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