Meet Lola the Cockapoo

Lola’s owners contacted us at Forrest Animal Behaviour, as they had just brought Lola home and were looking for extra help with small things like car travel. As part of Lola’s future life, she would need daily car travel to her day-care arrangements. Therefore, her owners were proactive to ask for help early.

Training Plan

We started a training plan for Lola to help with car travel and change her position in the car. This also meant introducing some independent activities at home. This gave Lola the confidence in just a few days that actually car travel was fun! We then worked with Lola’s owners to cover basic obedience and life skills to help Lola gain the needed skills to become a thriving family member in her new home.

During the sessions, we also noticed she has started some new behaviours, which were not typical of a young puppy. This led to a veterinary visit at their practice, where she was diagnosed with a urine infection. Without these sessions and Lola’s owners being vigilant and noticing this early on, this did not develop into any long-lasting issues. Luckily Lola was full of high spirits and she didn’t let this affect her training progress.


Now she is fully recovered and we look forward to seeing her grow, not only in size but also in her confidence. Lola’s owners have allowed Lola to thrive and she has passed all her life skill areas while enjoying her car travels to her daycare arrangements. When her owners are not working, she is enjoying her off lead walks at only 20 weeks old, with a fantastic recall!


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