Meet Sienna the Crossbreed

Sienna lives with her brother Jasper. Their's owners contacted us for help with house training, barking and visitors. Having two young dogs in a household can be hard to fully toilet-train. In addition, when on walks or having visitors they would get excited and bark excessively.


During her assessment, it was clear they were very bonded. This meant they would feed off each other's emotions and get over-excited quickly. Therefore we needed to work on managing their emotions independently of each other.

Treatment plan

We introduced some self-control tasks for both Jasper and Sienna. This involved calm mat work but also lead walking and redirection when exciting things appeared. With their toilet training, we took things back to basics and worked on rewarding appropriate toileting outside.


Jasper and Sienna loved their new training plan! They stopped all toilet accidents in the house and started to relax and enjoy their walks. Visitors to the house were also much calmer events. Overall Jasper and Sienna were much better at working independently. This meant a happier and calmer household for everyone.

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