Pet Journeys

  • Zeus


    Zeus the American Bulldog Cross Zeus's owners contacted us as Zeus was a young puppy but was showing a lot…

  • Tess


    Tess the Border Collie  Tess's owners contacted us as they were slightly concerned about some behaviours their new puppy, Tess,…

  • Freddie


    Freddie the Lucher Cross Collie Freddie’s owners recently rehomed Freddie from a local rescue centre. Freddie hasn’t had the best…

  • Trixie


    Trixie’s owners contacted Forrest Animal Behaviour as they were concerned about Trixie’s behaviour towards them. She was only a young…

  • Winnie


    Winnie’s owners contacted Forrest Animal Behaviour when they noticed that Winnie was struggling with car travel. This meant that when…

  • Ruby


    Ruby was a city dog who lived in Coventry. This meant she enjoyed a lot of city life and the…

  • Paddy


    Paddy’s owners first contacted Forrest Animal Behaviour when they started to see that Paddy was struggling to provide them attention…

  • Matt


    Matt was living at his home with his full blood brother, James. They had lived in harmony for 2 years…

  • Mia


    Mia’s owners contacted us to help with some home relations between dogs. Mia lives with Dizzy, another Pet Journey. Mia’s…

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