Pet Journeys

  • Lottie


    Lottie was born in a Romanian rescue kennels with her siblings. Once old enough she was transported to England to…

  • Dizzy


    Dizzy's owners contacted us to help with some home relations between household dogs. Dizzy lives with Mia, another Pet Journey.…

  • Kia


    Kia was recently rehomed to his owners at the beginning of 2021. He had a tough start in life and…

  • Lola


    Meet Lola the Cockapoo Lola’s owners contacted us at Forrest Animal Behaviour, as they had just brought Lola home and…

  • Bella


    Bella’s owner contacted us here at Forrest Animal Behaviour as Bella had started to show some inappropriate urination around the…

  • Saxon


    Saxon is Cerian Forrest’s personal dog. We have included him in these case studies as he is an interesting medical…

  • Buddy


    Meet Buddy the Cockapoo Buddy first started with Forrest Animal Behaviour as a puppy and we did some basic training…

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