Meet Bailey the Labradoodle

Bailey's owners contacted us for help with their adolescent puppy. Bailey was showing signs of resource guarding and snapping when handled.


During his assessment, it was clear that adolescence was having a big effect on Bailey. This change has increased his frustration passed his coping abilities. In addition, the puppy object collection has become an attention-seeking behaviour which had become of high value to him.

Treatment plan

We introduced a lot of self-control tasks for Bailey to help him with his impulse control and frustration tolerance. This worked in combination with drop and swap aro und objects. We also changed how people interacted with Bailey to reduce handling and conflict with items. This included handling for groomers and vets. Bailey was a fast learner with his training and his owners placed a lot of work into his training.


Baily learnt a lot of his new tasks well. He still struggles at times with his frustration level and coping but he has made massive improvements overall. We hope that Bailey will continue to progress with his plan as he continues to grow. What is important is Bailey now has a nice structure of consistency to help him develop into an adult dog.

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