Meet Binky the Cocker Spaniel

Binky's owner contacted us with help with their newly rescued cocker spaniel. Binky was struggling with visitors to her new house. This resulted in barking and growling at their arrival.


During her assessment, it was found that Binky did enjoy new people. However, she was conflicted as to if they should come into her space. This was likely due to the recent rehoming where she was unsure of her area and expectations of this new household.

Treatment plan

We introduced some self-control tasks for Binky to help with people coming to the door. This included a safe space for her to retreat to when visitors arrived. We also change how visitors should react to Binky to allow her time and space to observe before having contact with the visitor.


Binky showed great progress during her session and her owner was committed to making Binky feel safe and secure. Binky had recently had new visitors to her house and coped well at their arrival. We hope that with her new plan in place that Binky will continue to progress and settle into her new home.

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