Meet Cassie the German Shepard

Cassie's owners contacted us to help Cassie and her dog reactivity. Cassie has a lot of dog friends in the family, however, she would react to other dogs on walks.


During her assessment, it was found that Cassie didn't have value or want in other dogs being in her space. This was also due to an underlying anxiety about how they would react to her. This led to a big outburst of barking and lunging to make them move away from her.

Treatment plan

We introduced some self-control tasks for Cassie to help her with her impulse control. This worked in conjunction with redirection training with other dogs being around her. we also placed some high value to Cassie that it was a good thing to have other dogs around. Cassie was a bright girl and loved her training with the extra food and working as a team with her owner.


Cassie did amazingly with her training in such a short time! She started to accept other dogs being around her at a distance and her reactions reduced massively. She even managed to have cafe trips successfully with her owner! Cassie is now enjoying her walks and still has lots of social time with her dog friends.

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