Meet Roo the Domestic Short Hair

Roo's owners contacted us with help with their young cat who was toileting outside of the litter tray.


During her assessment, it was decided that Roo might have a medical condition. This was due to her weight, behaviour and the episodes of toileting being so varied in their presentation.

Treatment plan

We immediately referred Roo back to her vets for a full workup. It was found that Roo had a rare condition which required specialist medication from America! Roo was then placed on a long medical journey to recovery. After 6 months we revisited Roo to help continue her learning. We then taught Roo the value of her litter tray and made small adaptions to the house to make it more friendly for her to use the tray.


Roo did amazingly after her medical treatment and enjoyed her litter box training. Roo now rarely toilets outside the litter tray. In addition, she is like a new cat. She is now more playful, affectionate and a very happy cat!

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