Meet Harmony the Cockerpoo

Harmony's owner contacted us as they had seen a change in her car travel. Harmony used to settle nicely during car journeys, however now she was pacing and panting when travelling.


During Harmony's assessment, it was found that there might be a medical link to her behavioural change. In addition, Harmony had already been diagnosed with some orthopaedic conditions. This ment that her behavioural concerns were likely to be due to discomfort and the anticipation of pain.

Treatment Plan

As we worked on veterinary referral, we contacted her vets following our assessment. With the support of her vets, we started a pain trial to assess Harmony's response to the car. We also started car desensitization work to help Harmony with her prior learning to reduce her response to anticipation of pain/discomfort.


Harmony responded nicely to her pain trial. She was more comfortable with car travel and she enjoyed her new behavioural work. This ment she quickly became more confident with the car again and started to sleep/rest during her journeys. It was amazing to work with such a dedicated team, Harmony and her owner have the most amazing bond together.

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