Meet Roux the Staffordshire Terrier

Roux's owners contacted us after recently rehoming her into their family. Roux was a very loving girl and loved nothing more than walks and play. However, this could mean that her excitement became too much at times, leading to unwanted behaviours.


During the assessment, it was found that some of these behaviours were due to attention seeking and wanting access to more play/interactions. This was because it was highly rewarding to have these interactions, even if not getting the response expected.

Treatment Plan

To help Roux we introduced some impluse tasks and disengagement games. This would mean more self-control but making it easy to disengage to different behaviours. We also introduced some expectations and management around some household items.


Roux did great during her behaviour plan with all unwanted behaviours stopping. She still needs some guidance at times when really excited but she is continuing to learn new skills within her new home. She has been very lucky to have found an amazing home with her new owners.

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