Meet Inka the German Shepherd

Inka's owners contacted us for help with her reactivity. Inka had seen different trainers and had progressed with her triggers at distances. However, when dogs or people were close Inka still had a strong reaction.


During Inka's assessment, it was found that a current orthopaedic condition was playing a significant role in her expression of behaviour. In addition, Inka was not finding any value in having close social interactions with dogs or people and finding interactions frustrating, thus reacting to move the trigger away.

Treatment Plan

To help Inka we started some frustration and self-control work. We also introduced a protocol to give her have a job when she sees a trigger and reward her disengagement. While she started her behavioural work, with the help of her vets, we also increased her pain management and starting some behavioural medications.


Inka and her owner are still working towards their wanted goals. However, there have been significant improvements in Inka's reactions with both with her frequency and intensity. We look forward to them achieving their goals soon.

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