Meet Midge the English Bull Terrier

Midge's owners contacted us to help Midge as she was struggling with visits to the vets.


During her assessment, it was found that Midge loved people and even her vets, showing no fear or anxiety. However, she was struggling with frustration when she was unable to move with restraint. T his reduced autonomy meant she reacted to the vets to stop the procedure from happening.

Treatment plan

We started some handling work and muzzle training to enable more safe and confident veterinary handling for Midge. This worked on consent training for Midge to choose to consent to medical procedures. Lastly, we looked at ways to reduce her arousal and excitement at the vets.


Midge took to her training amazingly! Quiet quickly we managed to get Midge to confidently wear her muzzle and consent to her needed medical procedures. This was great for her owners and vets as it was much less stressful for everyone involved. We look forward to hearing about her updates as her owner continues to use her new skills for her ongoing medical care.

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