Meet Monty the Border Collie

Monty's owners contacted us to help Monty as he was showing fear of noises outside the home. This was a combination of barking at noises but also hiding away in the house. Monty also showed extreme fear at the vets who were unable to handle him.


During his assessment, Monty showed extreme fear of noises. This would mean he would refuse to go outside for 22 hours, only toileting outside at 2 am when the noises stopped. From the assessment, there was a large concern for pain. This was due to the presentation of the behaviours but also from our gait analysis. This also tied in to not wanting to be handled due to possible painful joints.

Treatment plan

As with any possible pain assessments, Monty was referred back to his vets for a targeted assessment of the areas of concern. We then set up a safe place for Monty in the house to help build up his confidence.

It was found by his vets that Monty had server hip dysplasia. However, due to being unable to handle him, it was not picked up. Once he was placed on pain relief, we introduced some handling work and muzzle training to enable more safe and confident veterinary handling. This was to get him ready for a veterinary orthopaedic referral. Once he was on a stable veterinary management plan and had his referral assessment, we started his behavioural work for noises.


Since having a good support plan for his hip dysplasia and his owners working on sound work, Monty's progress has been phenomenal! He can go outside during the day into his garden and will go on occasional walks. He no longer gets scared in the house and loves his safe den. We hope that with ongoing support Monty will have a much happier life free of worry from any sounds!

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