Meet Pippin the Crossbreed Feline

Pippin's owners contact us with concerns about Pippin's toileting habits and general anxiety within the home. Pippin was originally rescued from a foreign country and returned to the UK with his owners.


During his assessment, Pippin was a very active cat who would regularly pace around his house vocalising. This was a repetitive behaviour often going on for hours at a time. During these pacing behaviours, Pippin would also spray urine in regular areas of the house. Any toileting issue for cats has to have medical areas ruled out before behavioural assessments. Pippin had already had an extensive medical check ensuring all medical areas were very unlikely. Therefore from our assessment, it was decided that his behaviour was likely to be frustration-based with urination being used to relieve his emotional pressure.

Treatment Plan

To help Pippin we introduced routine changes, including increasing time outside. We also started frustration tasks to get Pippin working through frustration in a controlled way. During these introductions, we worked with his vets to decide on behavioural medications to further support his emotional processing.


Pippin responded brilliantly to his behavioural plan and behavioural medications. Since starting his plan he has not had any re-occurances of urine spraying. In addition, his owners have been able to manage his environment successfully to reduce his frustration. Pippin has been very lucky to have such understanding owners who are dedicated to him and his siblings.

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