Help, My dog eats poo!

Your not alone!

Coprophagia (eatting of feaces) affects up to 23% of the dog population. This can be from farm animal feaces, their own feaces or other household animal feaces.

This is not only is it an unpleasant habit for you to have to deal with, but it can increase the spread of infectious diseases or parasites for your dog.

So, why do they do it?

It can be due to:

  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Learnt behaviour
  • Boredom
  • Stress
  • Hunger
  • Over feeding
  • Many other causes

Once the cause has been found, we have to look at a behavioural modification plan, to stop the contined cycle of the behaviour. This means we can redirect them away from the behaviour and teach them a different responce in its place.

If you feel your dog displays this behaviour and need help to stop the cycle of the behaviour, contact us today!

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