Is Your House Cat Friendly?

Did you know that cats' resources such as their litter tray, water bowls, resting areas and food bowls should all be in separate locations in the house?

Often as owners, we like to place all the cat 'things' all together in one place within the house. This can mean that the litter trays are near the food, and the food and water areas are together.

Yet, it has been shown in studies that cats prefer when the resources are spread out, using them more freely and more comfortably. After all, who wants to toilet in the place you eat and drink. Or have wet biscuits from spillage of water.

Having the correct set-up for your cat, can prevent or even stop unwanted behaviours. While improving physical health and mental wellbeing for your cat.

If you are unsure if the set-up for your cat is correct or you feel your cat is showing stress or unusual eating/toileting habits, contact us today for advice.

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