Scent Glands and Cats!

Scent glands are important to cats for communication and self comfort.

The scent given from each scent gland on a cat is individual to them, providing them with self-identification. This is important to each cat and within their family units.

Family units will mix scents within the surrounding area and on each other via allogrooming. These scent deposits can also be markers of their possession of areas and objects for that cat or group.

These scent deposits, though individual to the cat, can change over time. These changes can convey signals of stress, happiness or reproductive potential.

These changes in the scent of other cats or feelings/emotions of the individual cat, can increase or decrease the requirements to deposit scent within the household.

Thus playing a part in feline behavioural problems, such as:

  • Scratching of furniture
  • Inappropriate tolieting (urine/feaces)
  • Excessive grooming
  • Excessive pacing and/or rubbing
  • General anxiety/stress
  • Fearfullness

Therefore, although we humans can't smell or read these messages they can have a knock-on effect for your cat or all cats in the household. If you feel you have a feline behavioural problem, feel free to message us today for advice.

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