Why we recommend fixed leads…

Reasons why we recommend you use fixed leads for your dog:

They stay the same length during the walk

This means the lead is predictable length, thus your dog can learn loose lead work faster. Therfore if teaching loose lead walking, if they know where the boundaries are and the pulling will reduce.

They wont slip and change length unexpectantly.

This is important as if next to the road, you want to be sure the lead length has no chance of changing. This keep your dog safe from potential road accidents.

The lead wont suddenly move causing burns.

These leads are softer and unable to retract, thus it wont cause friction burns to you or your dog.

If you meet a person or other dog, you will reduce the risk of becoming tangled.

If tangling occurs it can cause conflict in the greet between the other person/dog and your dog. Therefore, using a fixed lead means that your dog wont potentially risk having a negative greet. remember though, on-lead greets with other dogs should be carefully managed.

Less likely to drop the lead Fixed leads have single fabric handle to hold.

This is less bulky than retractable leads, thus easy to hold. It also means you can hold other things at the same time if needed.

If something in the enviroment changes, fixed leads will give you more control.

This might be cyclists or other dog suddenly appearing or wildlife running past. Having a fixed lead means it will be easier to move your dog closer to you and out of trouble or danger. This is especially important if your dog is reactive or your dog is in a veterinary environment.

Using fixed leads wont limit your dogs experiances on walks.

If your dog doesnt know recall, using extentable leads in open places or longlines can still give more freedom. You just have to swap it over, once in the open space.

Make the swap today to see the benefits yourself and have safer and more controlled walks with your dog

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