How does the weather affect my pet?

Maybe its rainy and your cat is grumpy?

Maybe its windy and your dog is hyper?

When temperatures get cold your pets routine might be change. This is especially important for our feline companions, who might be spending more time inside the house. For both dogs and cats, weather can be an direct or indirect link to changing our pets emotions, thus the behaviour they express.

Being too hot or cold can make pets feel uncomfortable, even more so if they have health conditions. Wet weather can mean wet paws and mud which some pets might love or hate. Knowing what your pet likes or dislikes can help to ensure on days that they might not being feeling at their best, we can then help them out and make things easier.

For dogs this might mean we lower our expectations from them that day or change our outside walking plans.

For cats, environmental changes can help to limit stress for your feline companion, examples can be:

  • Quiet rooms with limited access to guest/other pets
  • High-up areas
  • Multiple resting areas around the house
  • Extra litter trays
  • Extra scratching areas
  • Increased play opportunities  
  • Pheromones

If you feel your cat or dogs are showing behaviours linked to stress, drop us a message and we can see how we can help you and your companion.

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